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This is the best lighting I have used, 12v easy to pedal gives light like a small motorcycle, complete ready to install 2 lamp headlite,taillite $35.00 / 1 lamp 3 led flashing or straight lite, hide this on bike so you have taillite at stopsigns $ 5.00



Cruiser bike pedals in standard, and 3pc crank styles $7.50 pr



Saddles Center, Massive 3 wheeler saddle (steel body) chrome springs like saddle on left $45.00 "quilted" saddle (quilted is plastic body), cruiser (same as 3-wheel except standard size) and / "matress" saddles (Matress is steel)$20.00 each



Big chrome fenders with 4 stamped steel stays, ducktail, or duckbill style $25.00 standard cruiser



Black old school bookrack, hard to find, was out of production for many years $35.00



Set of 4 winches to tie your bike for transport, $20.00



Big fat Old-Timey BalLoon Tires, these are very close copies of the origionals from the 1940's and 50's available in Blackwall or whitewall $12.00 EACH



Barrel Bag, good as toolbag, or saddlebag heavy stiff polished black leather $40.00



Barrel Bag, good as toolbag, or saddlebag heavy stiff polished black leather $40.00



Soft leather baseball type cap, velcro closure, one size fits all $10.00



This is a great part, very popular, almost eliminates the possibility of your motorbike(or Kustom) falling over and damaging itself! Powdercoated gloss black this is a must have item fits almost all bikes Schwinn with captive kickstand can be a problem $25.00 ea.



Lined leather, this is the "Italian Stone" type design, a very nice cap, velcro closure, one size fits all $10.00



Blue-White in the front, red in back, cool-looking, and a great safety item, $5.00


Nice bag for behind the saddle, or on the bars, even on side of bookrack, large enuf to carry your cable, lock, and tools, Italian Stone design leather, fully lined, $10.00


8 sounds on the horn, right and left rear turn signals, taillite, and an automatic brakelight! $20.00