Pull rope assy:                             Tie knot:                                    Take off handle:


      Undo knot:                                     Take off clamp:                                Take off handle:


 Take out center screw:                        Remove plate:                         Remove catch and spring:


Inspect rope;                                 if OK leave on; if not remove:                   Removing rope;


        Remove grommet:                Discard worn or broken parts:          Installing new spring:



Cut holding wire on new spring:        Winding back spring if becomes unraveled; note direction:


Spring installed correctly:           Install spring in hsg.:   Connect spring end to catch tower in hsg.


Installing new rope:                              Tie knot:                                            Pull tightly:


Note direction of rope wind:                Rope end in slot:                     Bring rope thru hole in hsg.

   Wind spring CCW with thumb and wind 4 or 5 turns till full tight:       Tie knot to hold spring:



Install small spring as shown:    Install plate with spring leg inserted in back side of plastic catch.

Note:  Plastic catch must be in position and plate with spring angled in to engage spring leg to plastic catch.    See Ref; pic. center below next row; 


Note: spring leg on back side of plate:   Turn plate over and insert spring leg into plastic catch collar.   Center Ref pic:   Plate must be in catch position between post as shown in center pic;   ref: only           Note:  plate position on housing spindle in right side pic;


 Install center screw                                     Pull rope to see if catch comes outward correctly;

Note:   Good idea to apply wax coating to nylon cord pull rope to enhance long life;

Receiving collar on engine:                  Rope pull service kit:


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