Dealer requirements

 Simpson Motor Bikes is sad to announce that the EPA has suspended importation of 2-stroke engines, effective Dec. 31 2005, and because of that, we are forced to suspend our Dealer Engine Program, we are sorry for any inconvience, but we cannot change the governments plan, Mike

The dealer requirements are rather simple and logical, moderate computer literacy, good with your hands, having good hand tools (some power tools, and power tool experience is VERY helpful), willingness to obtain a few necessary specialty tools for bicycles. A background of owning and operating motorbikes, motorcycles, or moped is a handy attribute. These are 2-stroke engines, and 2-stroke experience would be helpful. The dealer will be expected to buy in at 4 engines, price to be disclosed at time of agreement, the standard advertised retail price is to be set by us here at Simpson Motor Bikes, but your sales are your business. We have a webmaster ready to assist you in building a page (if that is needed) web page is not required, as we will add you to our dealer list on the SMB website. Dealers will be provided with a password area where easy contact can be made around the clock. We have technical support for you if you need it. You can make good money, and have a lot of fun with these bikes! If you believe this is for you, use the contact us button and we can discuss details. We are currently highly interested in a San Diego area, Los Angeles area, Orange County area,  Fresno/Bakersfield, and Redding area presence as soon as possible (Many other areas are available also) Hope to hear from you soon!    Simpson Motor Bikes