Circa 1955 Cleveland  Welding Motorbike


Hello again! This time I will attempt a custom build, My Brothers girlfriend Jen is not very tall and wanted a custom motorbike so, we will take this beautiful original Cleveland Welding bike, and build a Skyhawk motorbike

Ain’t she a beauty? Well, next comes a set of new old stock Wald American made black painted fenders. A new crank, a lucky seven sprocket, new 24” wheels, new bearings, new saddle a new Skyhawk engine kit, and did I mention that we will paint this one? Boy I hate to give up that cool original paint, ,but Jen wants it to be actually red, and who could blame her?

Here are the new components, and next a little red.

Hmmm, a bit better, this one needed the chain slack adjuster to raise the chain off of the rear chainstay, so I added it even though I try to leave it out of most of my installations. Now here is the little 24 finished except for the chain adjuster.

A ¾ view of the bike, She will do her own graphics a different view of the bike,I later added the other rear fender brace, and as mentioned the tensioner.

Well a nice bike! See ya next time, Mike