GruBee - GGG centrifugal clutch removal instructions;


                                                        Rope Start Model:

                                          Available in both Starfire and Skyhawk lines



To remove clutch use puller tool supplied in engine kit;







        Remove nut and install tool on clutch boss   









       Puller tool installed;









       Use two wrenches to remove clutch;








                       Pedal Start and Rope Pull “Dual mode Model”

                                                     Available in Skyhawk line only:

Dual GGG model;   Allows pedal starting as well as rope pull engine start.   Uses a friction clutch as well as a special centrifugal clutch with over running clutch lock up to pedal start;    Handle Bar Clutch lever must be in the engaged position to operate in centrifugal clutch drive mode.   In disengaged lever position the engine is in free wheel mode separated from drive line.   Note:   A standard friction clutch engine can not be converted to GGG dual mode due to different crankshaft.                                              








Dual mode GGG has a freewheel integral with centrifugal clutch which allows pedaling mode to connect with engine for pedal starting;   Note: Not the same clutch as with rope pull start model.    Dual mode available in Skyhawk line only:


          This a clutch removal tool for dual mode model.

                          ( Not used in engine )

             Outside cover screws;


            Clutch attach to crank shaft bolt.