A Tale of two frames!


Here is a tale of two frames, both were made by Cleveland Welding for Montgomery Wards under the name of Hawthorne, Both came to be in my possession in light grey primer, one over original paint, one was rusty, had been sandblasted and primed, and was pitted. After sanding and priming up, I painted and assembled the 24 inch. I have no 24 inch fenders, so I had to use some 26 until I get the 24s to install. Here is the 26 frame primed as I got it. The 24 looked just like it.


Here is the 24 inch bike after making it into a bicycle.


After much assembly time, all parts are new or at least new to this bike. Here is a picture taken today after riding about 20 miles. The 26 is all new parts except the frame and fork, painted in my backyard in the blazing Sacramento sun! This SkyHawk bike runs great!


Im very pleased with my circa 1946 Cleveland Welding SkyHawk bike! Mike